Donate used furniture for schools and charities - Used furniture

Donate your unwanted furniture and in turn help Schools and Charities benefit.

At ORS UK, we have a special interest in responsible recycling - Office Furniture 4 Schools and Charities. For an agreed price, we can remove all your surplus office furniture. We will then recycle it through our website, where registered charities and schools are able to take advantage of huge saving on all listed items.
Everyone wins! You can dispose of your unwanted furniture responsibly and at no extra cost, knowing that charities and schools will benefit from your generosity and that you are helping to reduce the global landfill problem. 
  • Clearance – we can take away your unwanted office furniture
  • All furniture will be taken to our warehouse for sorting and distribution.
  • The removal will be project managed.
  • We re-sell 95% of this unwanted or used furniture,
  • 5% is recycled responsibly or stripped for spares
  • Help reduce the global problem of landfill
  • Be more socially responsible without it hurting your pocket