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(2nd) Second Hand Office Chairs & Seating

Finding just the right furniture for your office is a tricky task. You want furniture that is comfortable, looks good and will not break the bank. Something you may not have considered is looking at used furniture as a way to save money and obtain fantastic quality chairs and seating for you and your staff. Many businesses find that choosing used office chairs is a great option for their office; giving them the furniture they want at a significantly lower cost than purchasing new. Used furniture gives you more options for your office. Looking at most furniture showrooms, you will see many of the same chairs everywhere. However, when you shop the selection at ORS, you will find any number of chair types, designs and colours. Also, the selection is always changing, so even if you do not find your perfect chair today, you may find it tomorrow. If you don't see something that suits your needs then get in touch - we will more than likely be able to help. Second hand office chairs are the ideal solution when you have a large office to outfit. Buying furniture can seem like a large task, and if you are looking for chairs for a dozen or more employees, you may be overwhelmed by the cost. The prices you would typically pay for good quality new furniture today can be very daunting, especially for a start-up business. Another benefit that may not immediately come to mind when you consider used office chairs is the recycling factor. Being green is important and there is so much good, usable furniture thrown away when a business closes or remodels. ORS helps this furniture find a new home that is not in the landfill. You save money and save the planet at the same time - what could be better? Browse the great selection available today and see if you can find office chairs to suit you. Whether you just need one or two chairs or are furnishing a huge office; going with second hand office chairs, instead of buying new, just makes sense.