Design Pit

I'd like to provide a testimonial for Karl Ward at ORS UK after supplying me with several desks for my office. My business is a small one and ORS were fantastic, making me feel very welcome and despite being a low quantity order I still felt that I "mattered" as much as one of their larger clients. The sales team were great - very clear and precise in all of the information I requested and they made contact with me at every stage of the sales process.

The last time I ordered a desk from them, I needed to book delivery some weeks in advance. This was no problem at all and ORS arranged for the stock to be allocated and delivery made at a time that fitted into my time frames. Nothing was too much trouble.

On the day of delivery, ORS had one of their installation teams come in and set up where I needed it; they even cleaned it and gave it a quick polish! I've been really pleased every time I have used ORS for some new furniture, they are great company that treats every order with care and attention.

Thanks to Karl and all of the team - thoroughly recommended!

- Gareth Robertson