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What makes the perfect office?
3rd Feb 2016
What makes the perfect office?

Offices can range from weird and wonderful places to the most bland and dull rooms but with good reason. If we were forced to compare, the head office of Goldman Sachs is not going to have the same look and feel as Google or Facebook's because of the different work that is taking place inside.

A digital company focusing on design, content and marketing strategies is much more likely to have an open plan, colourful and modern design workspace with contemporary design office furniture. Where employees can free think and get the most out of their environment to apply themselves to their unique tasks. Where as a financial/sales company is going to have a more segregated bland approach to their design and office furniture. Their focus is to not give their employees distractions and keep them on task and targets. 

The real key to a perfect office isn't in the design, the key is to indentify what you want your business to do and how you want it to function. Once you have this vision in your mind you are ready to find your perfect office.

So the questions isn't what is the perfect office? It should be what is YOUR perfect office?