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Office Furniture Birmingham
16th May 2014
Office Furniture Birmingham

Office Furniture Birmingham

What items do you require in your new office? 


1. A Desk. Without making it trivial, a desk is the single most important item in your new office. Your desk doesn't need to be largest or the most expensive, second hand desks work just as well and keeps within your budget. You can choose from a workstation to an executive desk to make your new office look exactly as you want it to. The most important thing of the desk is that it needs to fit within your office space without being overpowering. While the biggest executive desk takes your fancy, it might not fit within your office so it's important to keep dimensions and measurements in mind when choosing your second hand desk. 


2. Office Chair. If you are doing a lot of computer work, the odds are you're going to be spending a lot of time in your chair. What you may not realise is that some big budget companies spend millions on researching the correct office chairs for their employees so they don't suffer back, neck, shoulder or even wrist complaints. You need to be comfortable in your chair as it's vitally important to how much work you get done in a day. If you are always fidgeting because your back supports just doesn't support you, how much work are you realistically going to get done? A used office chair can be the best budget solution and offer you support. You can even reupholster it to suit your own office interior. 


3. Filing Cabinets. A good filing system is the unsung hero of the office space and even a new office needs a filing system in place, otherwise how will you find all your important documents? When working from home, filing will be your domain and you will have to find a filing cabinet which suits your interiors and new office. Cheap office furniture can once again save your new office budget and used office furniture can be the saviour. At OSR we have a wide range of used storage systems, including bookcases, filing cabinets and pedestal cabinets to keep all your important documents within. 

4. And Finally, Communications. Working from home means you need to reachable 24/7 and you can't rely on the office phone anymore. Making sure you have a great internet connection can make or break you working from home as emails are now the preferred way of communication between businesses.