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Laura Denvers Charity Fun Run
16th Aug 2010
Laura Denvers Charity Fun Run

In March this year I made the decision to run ‘The Great Midlands Fun Run’ an 8 and a half mile run predominantly up hill!

Training began straight away; having never run before I thought it would be a good challenge as well as a way of raising money towards a very worthwhile cause! Starting off I could manage about 5 minutes before having to stop, gradually by training three times a week this increased by a mile each week!

I set Kev (chunky Kev) the challenge to run with me.  In high school he was a cross country runner and has played rugby most of his life, he is now  a rugby coach & referee so an easy task for him!!!

So on Monday 31st May – last 8 mile training session before the race – after 5 miles Kev mentioned that his knee was starting to hurt, but insisted on carrying on not to be outdone by a woman! We finished the 8 miles, only to find he could hardly walk. Wednesday’s appointment at the Doctors didn’t go well – damaged ligaments – rest essential!!! What was he to do? With a charity golf game on the Friday, Cricket on the Saturday & the run on the Sunday. Well the golf was played in a buggy, the cricket he was rested from bowling but he still managed to knock up 38 runs – Poor old Kev was not well enough to run so victory was mine!

I couldn’t loose! Seeing as he wasn’t running.

So when Julian steps in at the last minute to run in his place and does a time of 1.20 compared to my 1.30 in Kev’s name you can imagine my frustration! Still we know the truth fatty!

On a serious note this year a record breaking 6,000 people ran, jogged and walked the course raising over £201,000! ORS contributed to this figure for our chosen charity Cancer Research;

My next mission is to complete the Birmingham half marathon on October 24th 2010, I think I will leave Kev out of it this time!