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ORS Makes the News !!!
10th Sep 2009
ORS Makes the News !!!

Our latest headlines from the Burton Mail ...

Store is tickled pink over its new paint job


BOSSES at a Burton furniture store say they are tickled pink by the massive reaction created by the new colour of their warehouse.

The once white base of ORS UK, which sells new and used office furniture on the Ryknild Industrial Estate, in Derby Road, has been transformed into a sea of pink.

New owner Karl Ward admits the stand-out colour was chosen to draw attention to the store and get people talking.

And the prevailing feeling among residents and motorists is that the new colour is like Burton-produced Marmite – people either love it or hate it.

Supporters believe that the renovations make a refreshing change against the tide of ‘bland’ warehouses in and around Burton.

Stretton resident Emma Cairns, 32, said: “I really like it. It brings something different to an area which is not particularly exciting to look at.

“Okay, it might not be in keeping with the other buildings, but who cares? In the current economic climate, businesses need to do something different.
“The warehouses on the A38 would look much better if they were different colours.” However, detractors have slammed the colour as ‘garish’.

A 30-year-old Stretton resident, who asked not be named but passes the building on his way to work in Burton, said: “It is bizarre, and totally out of keeping with anything else in the vicinity.

“I have never seen anything else like it on a business park and I am surprised the owners allowed the colour in the first place.” Mr Ward, who bought the company at the start of July, said it was important that the business was made to stand out in the current economic climate.

He told the Mail: “It is a tough old world and we have to think of ways to create an advantage for the business.

“We needed to redecorate the front. The corporate colours are pink, blue and green and we wanted to choose one of those.

“Everyone knows where the Floors 2 Go buildings are and the thinking was the same here.

“It is great it is causing discussion.

It is not designed to be offensive or out of keeping to the area.

If we had painted it cream someone would have said it was bland.” However, one community leader thinks that, due to the mixed reaction, the firm should have consulted the public on its colour changing plans.

Ron Clarke, whose Eton ward on East Staffordshire Borough Council covers the industrial estate, said: “I would have thought it would have been better to put something in the paper asking what people’s views are.