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9 out of 10 customers prefer us
20th May 2009
9 out of 10 customers prefer us

At ORS UK our customer feedback is really important to us, its is a way of measuring how well we are performing, it highlights areas where there is room for improvement and it gives us a really good insight as to what our customers think about us.

Each month we select, from random, a list of customers to call whom have recently completed an order with us. We ask them a list of questions and for any feedback they may have, positive or negative.

In fact, we welcome the negative comments just as much as the positive as it helps us improve.

At the end of each quarter we analyse all the data and set ourselves targets for improvement based on these results.

We are really delighted that we have been able to achieve excellent ratings based on our service, value for money, communication etc and that we are consistently achieving a minimum of 18 out of 20. We owe this achievement to our team who work together and strive to deliver the highest levels of service to you the customer.

Here are just a few of the comments;

'very happy, excellent service' - Paul at Trent and Dove housing

'fantastic job, very pleased, superby service - Graham at Prime Security Gate

'Great service!!! will use again; - Peter at Guardian Stockbrokers