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Back pain? Don't blame the mattress
23rd Oct 2008
Back pain? Don't blame the mattress

Are you suffering from aches and pains in your back, and blaming your old mattress? Well the culprit could be your desk chair! A new report by the National association of Chiropractisioners has revealed that sitting for long periods of time in the wrong chair can lead to poor posture, muscle tension and curved shoulders. A  good ergonimic chair will help prevent any pyhsical pain or any postural problems associated with poor sitting.

So make sure your chair is up to the job. Is it approved for lengthy useage, can you adjust the backrest and height? If you can, consider armrests and lumbar supports to aid posture. After all many of us spend much of our working day in our chairs.

For expert advise or a wide range of chairs to suit your needs, call us at ORS UK today and we'll help find the chair that's right for you.