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Bright, Clean & Fresh Office Refurbishment
Client: Stanton Fisher

We have been working with Stanton Fisher for a while, supplying their Office Furniture. So when we heard that they were looking at a total refurbishment in some new premises, we of course, requested the opportunity to quote them for the Furntiure and Full Installation.

Within their space they needed to seat 157 people, all with a full working area. This included Desks, Desk Top Screens and Operator Chairs. They wanted a New and Bright Space and we know just what to do for them.


Following our initial contact we then conducted a site visit at Stanton Fisher to share and discuss ideas for the space available. It was decided that a Bright, Clean & Fresh look was the way to go, so the ORS Team set to work to create their ideal space.

We came to this Project quite late in the day and needed to turn around our ideas and quotation very quickly. So we worked hard and looked for the right Quality of Product for the Stanton Fisher Team to look at. The designs were for a 157 Desk Installation and produced a proposal with Contemporary White Furniture and Walnut Tops. We also added Desk Top Fabric Screens in a bright and vibrant Orange which we teamed with Fresh Green Chairs. This gave their space the splash of colour that they were looking for.

We were able to delivery a Quotation that was 17% lower than any of our Competitors that also provided a better quality product and in a faster time frame.

We had the additional complication that this project was on a particularly tight deadline and had to be completed within very specific time parametres. But our experienced Delivery and Installation Team got everything installed and completed within 8 Hours! This enabled the Team at Stanton FIsher to resume trading at the time they needed to and meant that we met with all of their specific requirements............Phew!!!!


Bright, Clean & Fresh Office Refurbishment
Bright, Clean & Fresh Office Refurbishment
Bright, Clean & Fresh Office Refurbishment