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Birmingham business' benefit from the insolvency disposal service
Client: Birmingham Insolvency Service

Birmingham Insolvency Service faced the problem many companies have when relocating - what to do with their unwanted office furniture.

After speaking with us here at ORS UK we gave them the solution. Removal of their unwanted furniture and trhough our recycling 'schools and charities ' programme  and the chance to help others by donating some of their unwanted items.



ORS UK were delighted to be appointed to remove and dispose of 450 desks and all the associated furniture out of the Birmingham Insolvency Service.

All of the furniture was in reasonable condition - too good to go to landfill, and so the Insolvency Service wanted to find an ethical solution to the problem. We were happy to help, and through the Birmingham Insolvencies generosity many other local business's benefited. Here are just a few:

City United, are a local Birmingham based charity working with young men in the city needing a chance. Through City United they are given support, training, work opportunities and involved in sports projects around the city. ORS UK were able to supply them with some fantastic office furniture at greatly reduced costs thanks to the Birmingham Insolvency Service.

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. The Birmingham Chamber is involved in helping young, fledgling business's get off the ground and find office space, with the help of furniture donated by the Birmingham Insolvency Service we were able to supply them with desks, chairs and pedestals at knock down prices to help the needs of these local enterprieses.


Birmingham business' benefit from the insolvency disposal service